Nerd Street Gamers x  FaZe Clan Day 1 Qualifier Recap

Nerd Street Gamers x FaZe Clan Day 1 Qualifier Recap


August 2, 2020 – Day 1 of the Nerd Street Gamers x FaZe Clan Qualifiers kicked off with 128 teams of five showing up to fight for a spot in the exclusive $50,000 Invitational taking place August 6-9, 2020.

The first matches of the tournament went down behind the scenes, but fans were able to follow along the official tournament bracket to see which teams would make it to the live broadcast.

Nerd Street Gamers stream went live at 3:50pm ET for the Quarter-Finals match between Morning Light and Dog Pound.

Morning Light shined bright with a 4K, but Dog Pound proved their resilience and fought back to stay in the game.


The stakes were high with both teams fighting for their spot in the Semi-Finals.

Morning Light came out on top and took the W, and moved on to face their toughest opponent of the day, China Nguyen.


Following Morning Light’s tight win, Semi-Finals came in hot with Mixup and My Lovely Team kicking off the action.


Mixup was able to secure the first game 13 – 7 on Haven, but there were no guarantees as they moved into Bind. My Lovely Team had a chip on their shoulders and were ready to fight.


Mixup proved they were worthy!

The team fought for their win and became the first team in the Nerd Street Gamers x FaZe Clan Qualifiers to earn their spot in the $50,000 Invitational!


Team China Nguyen was the second and final team to qualify for the Invitational on Day 1, but the action wasn’t over.

Thousands of viewers tuned in for the Qualifier Grand Finals where Mixup met their match and took on China Nguyen.


Team Mixup was the early favorite after taking Haven, but Bind was up next China Nguyen wasn’t giving up easily.


Mixup vs China Nguyen was a showdown to say the least.

Both teams showed up on Split, but China Nguyen let us know that the map they dropped against Mixup would be the only map they would drop throughout the entire tournament.


CONGRATS to Team China Nguyen – the official CHAMPIONS of the Nerd Street Gamers x FaZe Clan Day 1 Qualifiers!

Click here to view all stats courtesy of TheSpike.GG, and tune in for Day 2 Qualifiers at 3:50pm ET on Nerd Street Gamers Twitch.

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