NSG Summer Championship

by n3rdstgamers

What: NSG Summer Championship
When: July 19th – July 21st
Where: Localhost Denver
How: Register for multiple events on Lobby.gg

Starting Friday, July 19th and running through Sunday, July 21st, N3rd Street Gamers is hosting the NSG Summer Championship at Localhost Arena in Denver, CO. The NSG Summer Championship showcases three major game titles with chances to win some major cash. Open to everyone, the NSG Summer Championship exemplifies NSG’s mission to bring esports to everyone in a fun and safe environment.

Bring On Summer

MAY 23, 2019 – The NSG Summer Championship is a weekend packed with esports, casual gaming, and spectating for three high-profile game titles: CS:GO, Smash Ultimate, and Fortnite. Players compete for combined prize pools reaching $20,000, and onlookers get to witness some of the best in the region demonstrate just how good they are.

NCS Major | CS:GO

NCS Major for CSGO

The weekend kicks off on Friday, July 19th with CS:GO and the first National Championship Series Major to hit Denver, CO. With a $15,000 prize pool, the NCS Major for CS:GO is bound to attract players from across the nation.

Spectators are invited to watch some of the best competitors in the country fight to come out on top. Not only does winning an NCS Major award the winner significant prize money and NCS points, but the winning team is also guaranteed travel to the NCS Grand Finals later in the year.

Register for the NCS Major | CS:GO.

NCS Minor | Smashdown

Smash players of the Rockies, you know we love you! To show our appreciation of the Smash community, NSG Summer Championship is including a one-day tournament with a $2,500 prize pot.

This will be different from the tried and true Elite Smash Friday events that occur weekly at Localhost Denver; this is a one-shot tournament for the best of the best, and if you’re at the top of the NCS ladder, then your entry into the tournament is free! We will be extending paid entry to the top ten players on our Smash NCS leaderboards, so be sure to rack up those points at the weekly NCS Academy tournaments between now and then!

Register for the NCS Minor | Smashdown.

NCS Minor | Fortnite

The third game title at The NSG Summer Championship is none other than Fortnite. It’s inspiring to see the diverse range of players compete week after week in Fortnite Friday at Localhost Denver, from seasoned regulars to young players entering their very first esports competition.  The Fortnite community has grown significantly and definitely deserves a chance at the $2,500 prize pool.

Register for the NCS Minor | Fortnite.

And more…

On top of all the competition, The NSG Summer Championship weekend will include food trucks, giveaways, and casual gaming. Players need to register to compete. If you’d prefer to just spectate, we will release those tickets closer to the event so watch our social media for the announcement!

Friday, July 19th: CS:GO

Saturday, July 20th: CS:GO, Smash Ultimate

Sunday, July 21st: CS:GO, Fortnite

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