Esports Stadium Arlington to Run National Championship Series Tournaments

by n3rdstgamers

What could make our NCS events even better? How about if we partner with the largest dedicated esports facility on the continent. Yeah, we thought so, too. Sign up for Strike League and NCS tournaments on today!

Strike League Welcomes the NCS

National Championship Series LogoToday, we’re excited to let you all know about a partnership with Esports Stadium Arlington–you may know them as North America’s largest dedicated esports stadium. The partnership will integrate ESA’s Strike League with our National Championship Series, an esports tournament series that we designed with over 1,000 events planned for 2019.

One of the core missions at NSG is to bring you more tournaments — better tournaments — to more locations. Having a partner like Esports Stadium Arlington helps us do just that.

“I come from a gaming community that didn’t have many opportunities but managed to stay strong through local gatherings. NSG strengthens and understands that they are the pillars to the success of esports. We are excited to be able to contribute to the national reach that the National Championship Series will have on esports while connecting communities from all over the world.” — Jonathon Oudthone, President of Esports Stadium Arlington

East Meets Southwest

ESA’s Strike League is an open tournament league in which teams will compete across four different esports titles at local LAN tournaments hosted at Esports Stadium Arlington. At the end of each quarter, winning teams and players will qualify for the Strike League Season Finale, Final Strike, where they will compete on stage for $15,000 in prizes.

The National Championship Series provides a platform for amateur esports players to compete on an even playing field and showcase their talent to colleges and professional team organizations. Tournaments and training events held under the NCS umbrella offer access to in-person competitive gaming opportunities. With full access to high-quality gaming equipment, competitors experience a standardized and even playing field for affordable tournament entry fees.

When and Where

Strike League qualifiers will begin in Arlington, TX on March 30th, 2019 and will run until May 19th, 2019. Games will include CS:GO, League of Legends, Rocket League, and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.


The local, qualifier tournaments of Strike League will benefit from the showcasing structure provided by our National Championship Series, which awards NCS points that are used to rank a team or individual on a national scale.

Strike League qualifier tournaments will be part of the NCS Academy and NCS Minor tier. We’ll be funding the prize pools which will range from $2,000 to $5,000, depending on the game title.

If you’re interested in competing in Strike League qualifiers, just head over to to register.

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