National Championship Series Welcomes Cheesadelphia

by n3rdstgamers

N3rd Street Gamers is proud to present the StarCraft II portion of the National Championship Series! Expanding upon last year’s NSG Eastern Conference Championship, the NCS will feature numerous events spread across multiple tiers of competition, leading up to a year-end Grand Finals at Localhost Arena in Denver.

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A Little Backstory

Starcraft II with NSG

Humble beginnings as part of the ECC

Cheeseadelphia got its start in 2015, when it was conceived as a Philadelphia-based LAN to serve developing players. Fielding a modest prize pool of $2,000, Cheeseadelphia was able to attract top North American talent such as Bails and NoRegreT. Since that first event, Cheeseadelphia has grown in leaps and bounds, expanding its prize pool to $10,000 and becoming a truly global event with top talent from nearly every continent attending.

Today, Cheeseadelphia takes its next step by becoming the StarCraft II portion of the National Championship Series.

Welcome to the NCS

StarCraft II events will span four competitive tiers: Academy, Minor, Major, and the Grand Final. Academy events focus on the earliest stage of competitive development, allowing players to begin to accumulate NCS points that they can use as they continue to climb the competitive ladder.

Minor events feature smaller prize pools that cater to local aspiring professionals and developing talent looking to make a name for themselves.

Major events will feature larger prize pools between $7,500 – $10,000 dollars, and cater to the best of the best while still being fully open to all. Both of these Minor and Major tournaments will award valuable NCS Points that can be redeemed for travel support to the year-end $15,000 Grand Final.

What’s in Store?

For 2019, N3rd Street Gamers will be running two Minor events, two Major events, and a Grand Final under the Cheeseadelphia banner, but the opportunity to participate in the NCS doesn’t end there.

As part of our commitment to developing the scene, NCS is an open tournament circuit and welcomes the addition of 3rd party tournament partners hoping to place their own events on the NCS

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