Happy VaLANtines Day!

by n3rdstgamers

Are you stressing out trying to find the perfect Valentine for your special someone? Well, don’t — because NSG has your back.

Lovers, ready up!

Whether you play games or just enjoy our staff, we have a handful of *quality* Valentine’s Day cards that you can send to your duo partner. They range from silly to absolutely ridiculous because that’s how we roll. Which one is your favorite?

All of us here at NSG encourage you to use these cards for whatever reason you need: showing affection, meme-ing, or just sharing good vibes. Spread them everywhere!

NSG Favorite: Who doesn’t love our coworkers?! Special squad Valentines card for you and all of your team on our Twitter at @n3rdstgamers

You are the ULTIMATE duo queue partner. You’re top 500 in my heart.

We hope you have someone who looks at you the way NSG_Christina looks at NSG_Riku (and the way NSG_Riku looks at food).

Best bromance in CS:GO? Tell us your favorite wingman team in the comments below!

Event planner NSG_Cait is always pushing enemies. Luckily, NSG_Ali is always there to support her when she needs a Lifeline. Happy Galantine’s Day to all you sweet ladies out there!

NSG_Ryan and NSG_James are dropping their new EDM album today! Share their album art with that special someone who makes your heart BEAT.

You make my heart want to explode.

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