NSG Welcomes Rob Johnson

by n3rdstgamers

Throughout 2018, the size of the NSG team nearly doubled. We added new people to direct events and new minds to craft better experiences at our events. And while all our additions brought with them unique skills and mentalities, we were still missing a piece. We needed someone who could see the big picture of what we are trying to achieve and to spread our story to the widest audience possible. We needed an NSG evangelist.

Welcome, Rob Johnson

The former Vice President of Jackbox Games and the Philadelphia Flyers will join us as our first Chief Marketing Officer. Rob has extensive experience in marketing and business development and will be in charge of all of our marketing efforts. That means content, social media, public relations, events, and brand activation opportunities. It’s a lot to put on one person’s plate, but we think he’s going to crush it. 

Before he joined our team, Rob was the Vice President and Head of Jackbox for Business, a division of Jackbox Games based in Philadelphia, PA. You might know Jackbox Games for its game series “YOU DON’T KNOW JACK” and, more recently, the “The Jackbox Party Pack”.

At Jackbox, he launched a first-of-its-kind mass audience gaming platform for the Sports & Entertainment industry, bringing Jackbox Games to NFL, NCAA, and high-profile esports events. Rob also oversaw both the consumer and business marketing strategy and, in 2018, launched the company’s entire portfolio of games nationally on the Comcast X1 platform.

As if that wasn’t enough, he has a few pretty impressive accolades under his belt–such as being the recipient of a Webby Award AND being added to the Philadelphia Business Journal’s list of “40 under “40” during his time as VP for the Philadelphia Flyers.

We’re going to get right to work making competitive gaming more accessible for casual and amateur gamers across the country. — Rob Johnson

Leveling Up Thanks To All That XP

We feel pretty fortunate that Rob will be guiding our marketing efforts, especially regarding The National Championship Series. The more people who hear about our efforts to level the playing field, the better the competition will be for everyone. Rob’s experience engaging with the media, both social and tradition, is crucial to spreading our story. With his help, we’ll be introducing more tournaments to new areas with the goal of maybe giving that casual player the nudge she needs to enter her first competition.

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