Announcing The National Championship Series

by n3rdstgamers

We here at NSG have had a lot to talk about in 2018. In June, Comcast Spectacor invested in us, which set the stage for a deluge of events, partnerships, and new locations. For example, our team organized a massive charity stream with high-profile players that collected over $5,000 for The Snider Hockey Foundation. We also produced tournaments for large conventions such as GEXCon and HUEFest. And let’s not forget the grand opening of the largest esports arena in the state of Colorado

Most teams would look back on all of that, pat themselves on the back, and take a break. But we’re not most teams. Throughout the entire year, we’ve been working something even bigger. Today, we’re very proud to unveil The National Championship Series. 

Leveling the Playing Field

NCS Levels the Playing Field

The NCS provides everyone access to the best equipment.

At its core, The National Championship Series provides a platform for any esports players to compete on an even playing field, build and refine their skills, and showcase their talent to colleges and professional team organizations. Hundreds of tournaments and weekly training events held throughout the country under the NCS umbrella will offer an unprecedented scale of access to in-person competitive gaming opportunities. With full access to high-quality gaming equipment, competitors will experience the new standard in esports tournaments.

The inaugural 2019 season of the NCS will feature grand finals for CS:GO. The season will also feature regional tournaments and training events across multiple game titles including Overwatch, Hearthstone, Call of Duty, and PUBG, It will also have multiple Fighting and Sports Games titles.

The Grand Finals of the National Championship Series will be held at the newly opened Localhost Arena in Denver, Colorado in December 2019 for a $50,000 prize pot per game.

Placement in the NCS Grand Finals holds a lot of prestige. The opportunity for anyone to show off their talent in front of tens of thousands of people is unparalleled. — John Fazio

Coast to Coast

The NCS will appear in all major US cities

Where ever you live, the NCS isn’t far away

NCS 2019 competitions will be held all across the country. They’ll not only be at NSG’s Localhost in Philadelphia and Localhost Arena in Denver, but they’ll also be at universities, casinos, and partner esports facilities in Philadelphia, Denver, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Arlington, Chicago, Boston, Washington DC, Kansas City and more.

The NCS takes the form of four tiers: Academy, Minor, Major, and The Grand Finals. Players of all skill levels may attend Academy events, which offer free or low-cost competition, in order to earn NCS points, develop skills, win small prizes, and build community relationships. NCS points can be accrued through frequency of attendance and from the outcome of their competitions to provide players the opportunity to earn free entry into (and sometimes travel to) the larger Minors and Majors tournaments.

Minors and Majors provide cash prize tournament opportunities for players to showcase their talent at local and regional levels. Winning Minors and Majors tournaments provide even more NCS points and an opportunity to win free entry and travel into the NCS Grand Finals in December.

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