Flyers Overwatch Thursdays Are Here

by n3rdstgamers

What: Flyers Overwatch Thursdays

Where: Online and at Localhost Arena in Philadelphia

When: Every Thursday*, beginning November 15th and running until January 24th. Championship tournament January 26th.

How: Buy Tickets on

Flyers Grand Prize: Four Club box seats to the January 28th game and recognition on the jumbotron, four autographed Flyers items, group photo with Gritty that night, and more!

Beginning Thursday, November 15th, our very own Philadelphia Flyers are sponsoring weekly Overwatch tournaments at Localhost Arena. Come down each Thursday and get ranked for your chance to qualify for free entry into the Flyers Overwatch Championship.

Rally Your Team

Grab your team and get ready to practice your dive comp because N3rd Street Gamers is teaming up with the Philadelphia Flyers for weekly Overwatch tournaments. Every Thursday*, starting November 15th and running until January 24th, we’ll run 4v4 team deathmatch games. Your team can join the competition either online, or by coming down to Localhost Arena for a true LAN experience. Weekly entry is $10 for each member of your team.

For every game, there will be a ten-minute time limit, and the winner will be decided when one team reaches 30 points. This will run as a best-of-three series throughout the weekly games with a double-elimination bracket each week. Keep your team together, though, because players must be consistent from week to week! The team with the most wins before the championship match will be awarded FREE entry into the championship tournament.

Can’t get a team together each week but still want to compete in the championship? We got you. Entry into the championship is completely open and only costs $60 per team member. So, even if you can’t make it to the weeklies, you can still enter into the championship–and we think you’ll want to.

Wombo Combo on the Jumbo

Ever wanted to watch your best plays broadcast on the jumbotron for thousands to see? Dumb question. Of course you have! And we’re going to help make it happen. Our talented production team will be compiling the best plays from the tournament into a highlight reel that will be broadcast on the jumbotron during the Flyers game at Wells Fargo Center on January 28th.

If that wasn’t enough, the Philadelphia Flyers want to make sure that you’re there to see it all go down. If you get a ticket to the championship tournament–whether you buy one or grab one by having the most wins in the weeklies–you’ll also receive a ticket to the Flyers game on January the 28th!

If your team is able to fight its way to win the championship tournament, you’ll also be awarded a grand prize package, courtesy of The Philadelphia Flyers. Among other choice pieces of swag, the prize package includes seats to the VIP box where you’ll hear your team be announced champions of the Flyers Overwatch Tournament Series.

That’s enough to get Gritty going … almost as much as Friday’s do.


* Localhost will be closed for Thanksgiving on Thursday, November 22nd. There will be no Overwatch tournament that day.

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