Fusion Showcase Recap

by Mike

N3rd Street Gamers has wrapped up the Fusion Showcase! The Fusion Showcase is the largest licensed amatuer Overwatch event to date, and continues NSG and Fusions partnership, and commitment to bringing great Overwatch competition to Philadelphia!

The Fusion Cup was an absolutely brutal competition with eight teams being pitted against each other in two round robin round robin groups. Only the top four teams were able to make it out to the single elimination playoff stages, but each team put up their best fight, leaving nothing on the court. Check out the full bracket here

The top four teams included: Screenwave Media, PowerHAUS Orenda, T2bots, and TGC. The two finalists managed to advance in convincing fashion, putting down both of their opponents with a clean 3-0. Screewave Media, and T2bots would go on to compete in the finals, but not before PowerHAUS and TGC got a final chance to test their mettle in a third place match.


The third place match between PowerHAUS Orenda. a local team led by player and commentator James “erebos” Borland, and TGC a young upstart team of talented players was a grinding and competitive match. TGC was able to claim the $500 prize for third place, dropping only a single map on their way to victory.

The grand finals allowed the personalities of Screenwave Media, and T2Bots to shine through in the pregame interview




Although these teams may have been closely matched in skill when it came to banter they had a wide gulf of skill in gameplay. Screenwave Media, a team made up of talented Youtubers, and led by Brian “Kephrii” St. Pierre absolutely dominated their opposition with plays like this.



Taking a clean 3-0 series Screenwave Media was able to claim their victory and the $3,500 that came with it!


Screenwave Media Hoists their Fully Functional D.Va Pistol Trophy

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