Presenting Fusion Showcase!

by Mike

N3rd Street Gamers and the Philadelphia Fusion have partnered to create the Fusion Showcase! The Fusion Showcase is a: 16 team, $5,000, amateur tournament that will debut at Too Many Game in Philadelphia from June 22nd-24th, with room for up to 32 teams! The Fusion Showcase is the first and only amateur Overwatch tournament officially licensed by Blizzard.

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Philadelphia Fusion has partnered with N3rd Street Gamers to leverage their infrastructure to help grow the local Philadelphia local fanbase. The Fusion Showcase is a chance for Fusion to give back to their local fans by providing an opportunity for players to experience a true competitive environment, and simultaneously help mold the upcoming esports talent into contenders!
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The Fusion Showcase is open to all players that are not actively competing in Contender League or Overwatch League . This is to ensure that the Fusion Showcase hosts the next generation of Overwatch talent, and to provide a genuine competitive experience for up and coming players. The Fusion Showcase will help to further the N3rd Street Gamers’ mission of lowering the barrier of entry to competitive play for esports athletes, and building a true amateur to professional pipeline to help develop upcoming esports talent! The Fusion Showcase will be carefully watched by the coaching staff of Fusion University and other league scouts, and players that catch their eye in Philadelphia may find a chance to compete in the upper echelons of competitive Overwatch!

Entrance to the Fusion Showcase begins at $95 per player, and will rise to $120 as the event grows closer. In addition to a chance to secure your piece of the $5,000 prize pool, your tournament entry will also serve as a three day pass to the fantastic Too Many Games convention!


There are only 16 slots available so assemble your team quickly and prepare

yourselves for the Fusion Showcase! Once your team is ready get signed up here. The Fusion Showcase is only the tip of the iceberg for Overwatch fans! Be sure to follow @N3rdStGamers and @PHL_Fusion to learn more about our upcoming plans!

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