New Site Launch!

by Mike


By Joe LoGuidice

As you can no doubt see, N3rd Street Gamers has been hard at work building our new web site! Since it’s inception in 2014 N3rd Street Gamers has rapidly grown to become the premier eSports organizer on the East Coast, and our old website simply couldn’t keep up with our rapidly growing portfolio of tournaments franchises and other events.


The largest and most obvious change is the addition of an entirely new tournament franchise! N3rd Street Gamers is proud to welcome Overwatch into the NSG family of games, and we’ll be running our first LAN tournament July 16th – 17th, featuring a $7,480* prize pool! Our Overwatch tournaments will continue the proud N3rd Street Gamers tradition of using Philadelphia to represent the best of East Coast eSports, and as such it will be called Omnidelphia!

Event Calendar

In addition to having a sleek and modern look our new website integrates an event calendar that highlights all of the upcoming events hosted at our LocalHost Arena in Northern Liberties. If you’re interested in any events you see listed on our homepage be sure to click on them, you’ll be taken to the relevant Meet Up page where you can learn more details and RSVP!

New Layout

We’ve also added dedicated sections for our Counterstrike, StarCraft, and Overwatch tournament franchises Fragadelphia, Cheesadelphia, and Omnidelphia respectively. Each section has tournament information for the next upcoming event as well as a sign up button that allows competitors to register!

Connect with N3rds

Finally the N3rd Street Gamers relaunch has added new ways for users to connect to their fellow N3rds. This blog section will publish the latest developments in N3rd Street Gamers so you can follow along with our awesome plans, and our homepage now features a portal into our Discord server. The Discord server is the heart of the N3rd Street Gamers online community and is the best way to stay in touch with fellow N3rds. If you’re not already part of our Discord click here to join, it’s absolutely free and has no side effects!

We’ve got big plans for 2016, so be sure to check back here often!

*Prize Pool Based on 32 Sign Ups

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