$500 Fortnite Tournament at the Union

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Saturday Sep 14, 2019

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Grab a chug jug and stay in the circle--the Union Fortnite Championship is here!

The Union Fortnite Championship is a single-day Fortnite tournament, and will occur outside Talen Energy Stadium before the Union vs LAFC match on September 14th!

This tournament is winner-take-all, meaning the player with the highest aggregate score will win $500! There is also no fee to participate!

Victory Royale: 10 Points
2nd-5th: 7 Points
6th-10th: 5 Points
Eliminations: 3 Points are earned for each elimination.


  • Regular solos only!
  • ONE (1) game per player! This is an adjustment we have made to accommodate the number of signups.
  • Matches begin at 5:30 PM and run up until the 7:30 PM kickoff. Players may start their games at any time after 5:30 PM, but must complete their game prior to kickoff. For example, a player may arrive at 7 PM and begin playing, or a player could arrive right at 5:30 PM to begin playing. If a player is in the middle of a game and 7:30 PM hits, the player may complete that game. Matches will not be allowed to begin past 7:30 PM due to plaza vendor rules.
  • Once players have completed a game they must keep the score screen up on screen and raise their hand for an admin to come and tally their score. Once the admin records their score the player may move onto their second match
  • No cheating! There are usually players that are friends and attend the tournament together. Players may not advise or speak with each other while in game so as to keep the competitive integrity of the tournament intact.
  • All decisions are at discretion of the tournament Admin and are final.


Talen Energy Stadium

1 Stadium Dr
Chester, AL 19013

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