$250 Custom Arena Trios Tournament featuring Fortnite

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Sunday Jun 21, 2020

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Nerd Street Gamers presents an online $250 Custom Arena Trios tournament for NA-East AND NA-West players. There will be an East tournament and a West Tournament, each with $250 prize pots. This tournament is PC only and all games will be tracked through Mayhem. The top 3 trios from each region at the end of the event will get a share of their region's $250 prize pot.

Date: Sunday June 21, 2020

Start Time:
NA-East Trios - 12pm EST / 11am CST
NA-West Trios - 12pm PST / 1pm MST

Cost: Free!

Prize Pot: $250 for each region - 60/30/10 split

  • 1st Place: $150
  • 2nd Place: $75
  • 3rd Place: $25

NCS Points:

  • $1 = 1 NCS point
  • For example, if you win $100 you also win 100 NCS points which can give you access to future Minors, Majors and Grand Finals.


  • This is a PC only tournament. Console scores will NOT be reflected on the leaderboard unless they have at least one PC player running Mayhem with the other players in their Mayhem Party at the same time.
  • All players on each team must run Mayhem on their PC during all games.
  • Custom Arena Trios will run on the NCS Online Playground in Mayhem.
  • East region and West region have separate leaderboards.
  • Players are able to play in all games in both the east and west regions.
  • 5 games will be played in each region's Mayhem Lobby during the stated times.

All competitors must be 13 years of age or older to compete.

Registration Instructions:

  1. Register on this page by clicking “Drop In” on the top right corner of the page. All participants must register on Lobby.gg
  2. Join Nerd Street Gamers Discord. Don’t have a Discord account? Set one up by clicking here.
  3. Verify your Epic account by reacting to the Yunite Bot in the “role-bot” channel under “General Info" in the Discord. Follow the steps and you will receive the Fortnite role in our discord and be able to access all the Fortnite channels.
  4. After gaining access to the Fortnite channel, follow the instructions in #mayhem-registration to join the NSG Playground and have your games tracked for the custom lobbies. Mayhem is a tracking system for custom lobbies which provides the running leaderboard and custom codes for both East and West regions.
  5. You’re all set! All competitors must be in their Mayhem lobby 15 minutes before start time for live updates and custom codes.


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