US Army 245th Birthday 2v2 Gunfight Online Tournament

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Call of Duty Modern Warfare

Thursday Jun 11, 2020

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Celebrate the US Army's 245th Birthday by competing in this week's Gunfight Tournament presented by the 1st Recruiting Brigade! Nerd Street Gamers and the US Army are teaming up to host an online Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2v2 Gunfight tournament with a Scaling Prize Pot starting at $100! The tournament is cross-platform and will be run on Battlefy.

Date: Thursday, June 11, 2020

Time: 3:00pm PST

Cost: FREE

Scaling Prize Pot: *41 Team Registered
$450 = 40 teams registered, 60/30/10 split
$500 = 44 teams registered, 60/30/10 split
$550 = 48 teams registered, 60/30/10 split
$600 = 52 teams registered, 60/30/10 split
$650 = 56 teams registered, 60/30/10 split
$700 = 60 teams registered, 60/30/10 split
$750 = 64 teams registered, 60/30/10 split

NCS Points:

  • $1 = 1 NCS point
  • For example, if you win $100 you also win 100 NCS points which can give you access to future Minors, Majors and Grand Finals.


  • A full list of the rules and maps can be found here: Official Gunfight Rules
  • Captains must be present for the captains meeting at 2:30pm PST.
  • To join the captain meeting you must join the via Nerd Street Gamers Discord and join the "Captains Meeting" voice channel at 2:30pm PST
  • The bracket will be updated in real-time on Battlefy
  • The Bracket is double elimination, Best of 3 Uppers and Best of 1 Lowers
  • Upper Finals is a Best of 5, Lower Finals is a Best of 3.
  • Grand Finals are a Best of 5 with the winner from the Upper Bracket receiving a match advantage (starts 1-0)
  • Teams must be present 15 minutes before the scheduled match time.
  • Live support can be found on Discord by creating a ticket within the “mod-mail” channel.

Reporting Scores:

  • After each match is complete, team captains are responsible for posting a screenshot in your match on Battlefy as well as self-report the score of your match.
  • After each match is complete, teams will be placed into their next match and be able to start that as soon as the higher seed invites the lower seed to the private match.
  • Games must start within 10 minutes of both teams finishing their previous matches, unless otherwise told by admins.

Registration Instructions:

  1. Register on this page by clicking "Register Now" at the top of the page
  2. This tournament is open to cross-platform play, and all players are required to put their Activision ID and specific platform ID during registration (Xbox Live account, PSN account or account).
  3. Join Nerd Street Gamers Discord. Don’t have a Discord account? Set one up by clicking here.
  4. Live support can be found on Discord within the “support” channel under NCS Online: Call of Duty as well as within matches on Battlefy.
  5. After registering you will be emailed with your Battlefy code to join the tournament!
  6. You're all set!


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