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Friday Sep 06, 2019

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Where we droppin’?
N3rd Street Gamers is proud to present Fortnite Fridays--a new, weekly event that will take place every Friday night at Localhost Philly. The inaugural Fortnite Friday for Philly will begin on Friday, September 6th so come out and see how you match up against other local Loot Lakers. Players may bring their own peripherals (controllers and mice/keyboard alike are welcome), but we will also have peripherals on hand.


  • Utilizing the Bounty system, players will play a total of 6 games. Scores will be taken from each game and added to their total points after the evening.


  • Regular solos only!
  • Check in is at 5 PM and games will run until 10 PM sharp. Players may start their games at any time between 5 PM and 7 PM, but must complete their 6 games prior to 10 PM. For example, a player may arrive at 7 PM and play their 6 games, or a player may show up right at 5 PM and play their games. If a player is in the middle of a game and 10 PM hits, the player will finish that game but may not play any more, even if the player has not played all 6 of their games.
  • Once players have completed a game they must keep the score screen up on screen and raise their hand for an admin to come and tally their score. Once the admin records their score the player may move onto their next match
  • No cheating! There are usually players that are friends and attend the tournament together. Players may not advise or speak with each other while in game so as to keep the competitive integrity of the tournament intact.
  • All decisions are at discretion of the tournament Admin and are final.

Your score is your rank in game. Kills are worth negative 3 points. If you finish with a Victory Royale and no kills your score is 0. If you get 2nd with 1 kill, then your score is -1. If you finish 8th with 2 kills your score is 2, and so on. Lowest aggregate score at the end of the evening determines the winner.

Payment & Prize Pool:
$10 entry fee and a $10 event fee to go towards the prize pot. Prize pot will normally depend solely on entrants, so the more players the bigger the prize pool! However, for our first tournament on September 6th we will help get things started with a guaranteed $100 prize pool!

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