NCS Academy | Elite Smash Fridays at Localhost Denver

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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Friday Nov 15, 2019

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$100 Singles Tournament pot bonus funded by Nerd Street Gamers!


  • Preregister at
  • Registrations start at 4:30 PM (MST) for both tournaments
  • Doubles registration ends at 5:30 PM. Tournament to begin at 5:45 PM
  • Singles registration ends at 7:00 PM. Tournament to begin at 7:15 PM
  • Sign ups for the Redemption bracket will begin immediately after the third round of the singles tournament. Players who go 0-2 and 1-2 in the singles bracket are qualified to play in the redemption bracket.
  • Participants are solely responsible to register into the tournament. A receipt is REQUIRED for tournament entry. A registration station will be near the Localhost front counter where purchase receipt must be presented to a Nerd Street Gamer (NSG) representative. Once registered the Tournament Organizer (TO) will enter participant into the applicable bracket/s.


  • Players are encouraged to bring Smash setups.
  • The first ten (10) players who bring in a complete smash setup will be discounted their venue fee. A complete setup includes: a switch, legal adapter, station, monitor and all required cables.
  • Any additional setups beyond the first (10) used in the tournament will not be discounted and can be contributed to the community for casual play.
  • Players using a pro controller must disconnect after every match. Not doing so will delay the tournament.
  • Casual setups are only permitted in TO authorized areas. Setups are NOT permitted on the Ultimate Gamer Tables in the lobby.

General Rules

  • Players must be present during the tournament/s from start to finish. If a player is not present for their bracket, after five (5) minutes they will be automatically disqualified.
  • Friendly banter is always acceptable.
  • No shouting across the venue or using profanities.
  • Spectators are always welcome to ESF, no venue fee is required.

Payment & Prize Pool:

  • $5 Venue Fee, $5 for Singles, $2 per player for Doubles.
  • Doubles: The prize pot will be determined by number of teams signed up.
  • Singles: The prize pot will be determined by number of players signed up plus the addition of a $100 prize pot bonus funded by Nerd Street Gamers.
  • Redemption: $5 prize pot, winner takes all
  • No refunds or exchanges once Tournament has started.

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