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Wednesday Jun 03, 2020

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It's Strategy time!
Nerd Street Gamers presents our Hearthstone Online open event. The tournament will be ran on battlefy and will be played on Blizzard.

Date: Wednesday June 3rd, 2020

Time: 3:00pm EST

Cost: $ 5.00 per player

Prize Pot:

  • $200 Top 3 Spliit
  • 1st - $130
  • 2nd - $40
  • 3rd- $30

NCS Points:

  • 8 players (75 Points | 48/27)
  • 16 players (150 Points | 75/39/24/12)
  • 24 players (250 Points | 150/60/40
  • 32 players (500 Points | 250/125/75/50)


Registration Instructions:

  1. Register on this page by clicking "Register Now" at the top of the page
  2. Join Nerd Street Gamers Discord. Don’t have a Discord account? Set one up by clicking here.
  3. After registering and joining the Discord, players will be given the "Hearthstone" role and be able to access the NCS Online: Hearthstone channels in Discord.
  4. After a full team is paid and has gone through the steps above, players will be able to see their name on battlefy.


Discord Look for the “role-assignment” channel under NSG General
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