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Monday Jul 06, 2020 -

Friday Jul 31, 2020

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Ready to up your game? Camp Localhost is hosting a series of week long esports bootcamps featuring Fortnite this summer. These bootcamps are meant as an abbreviated version of our other Fortnite camps, with most everything offered but over the course of fewer hours. Each bootcamp and is designed to help improve a player's skill level regardless of age or location, and once a week campers will get to hear and speak with an esports industry expert.

These bootcamps are run through Discord and campers may play on any console (PS4, Xbox, PC, Switch, Mobile) they have Fortnite installed on. Players will need to join Discord to communicate with the rest of camp, so access to a PC/tablet/phone is recommended. Take advantage of these bootcamps to learn from our professional instructors, meet and play with other campers, and have some fun this summer!

Camp Dates Offered (additional dates may be added by demand):

  • (All ranks welcome) Monday, July 6th to Friday, July 10th
  • (All ranks welcome) Monday, July 13th to Friday, July 17th
  • (All ranks welcome) Monday, July 20th to Friday, July 24th
  • (All ranks welcome) Monday, July 27th to Friday, July 31st

Times Offered:

  • Each weekday from 1:00pm - 4:00pm ET (10:00am - 1:00pm PT)

Camper Cost:

  • $49 per player for the week

Skill Level Required:

  • Our camps are open to anyone regardless of their skill level or ranking


  • Open to anyone regardless of age


  • Access to Discord.
  • Must have Fortnite downloaded with a stable internet connection.
  • If playing on a Nintendo Switch you will need access to Nintendo Online Play, an additional cost for a monthly subscription)
  • A webcam is recommended but not required.

Daily Schedule:

  • 1:00pm - Campers check in. Daily outline provided.
  • 1:10pm - 1v1 and 2v2 box fights with macro review (understanding rotations, height, and materials).
  • 1:45pm - 1v1 or 2v2 zone wars focused on macro play (individual coaching to players).
  • 2:30pm - 1v1 or 2v2 box fights with micro review (understanding wall building and editing).
  • 3:15pm - Tournament play. Players put into zone wars.
  • 4:00pm - End of day.


  • Players will learn from a Champion League level coach.
  • All game play will focus on box fights and zone wars.
  • Signups are open to all players regardless of gaming system, skill level, age, or location!
  • All session times are listed in Eastern Time (ET).
  • A valid email address must be provided as instructors will send out a Discord invitation and welcome email prior to the start of camp.
  • Once during the week the campers will participate in an AMA with an esports industry expert to learn more about careers in esports.

Parent and Camper Reviews:

"Best week of my life for playing videogames. Well setup and everyone is friendly and helps a ton" - Fortnite Camper

"Everything 1. made me better 2. gave me confidence 3. made me happy" - Overwatch Camper

"I definitely learned the importance of working together as a team and keeping a positive attitude." - Overwatch Camper

"My kid was so engaged that he would get up early to practice before camp." - Parent of Fortnite Camper

"He is dying to do it again." - Parent of Fortnite Camper

Registration Instructions:

  • Register on this page by clicking "Reserve Your Spot" at the top of the page. Registration is for the entire week, Monday - Friday.

Acknowledgement of Recording and Usage of Third Party Platform:

Please be advised that audio and video of this camp or clinic session (the “Camp”) organized by Nerd Street Gamers (“NSG” or “we”) may be recorded for internal quality and training purposes. Neither the participant in the Camp nor the parent or legal guardian of the participant have any rights in or to any photos or video or audio recordings captured by NSG during the Camp.

Usage of third party platforms.

The Camp will utilize third party platforms which may include but are not limited to Discord and OBS to facilitate discussion and collaboration among participants. We do not control a third parties’ collection or use of participants’ information or security protocols. We recommend you review the privacy policies and terms of use of these platforms to determine whether they are appropriate for use by the Participant.

Public Forum.

Please be advised that Discord is a public forum and we do not control or have the ability to restrict statements made by third parties on discord beyond the length of the Camp. We recommend that parents monitor a minor child’s usage of discord or other public forums.

Camper Code of Conduct:

Click here to read through the camper code of conduct.


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*Please note Fortnite is rated T for Teen by the ESRB.


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