Battle Royale Fridays: Fortnite and Apex Legends at Localhost Denver

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Friday Feb 14, 2020

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  • Register at Localhost Denver from 4:30 PM - 7:00 PM MST.
  • Pre-register at
  • Check in is at 6:00 PM and ends at 7:00 PM, games will end around 11:00 PM. Players will start their games when the tournament organizer announces around 7:00 PM.


  • Utilizing the Bounty system, players will play a total of 6 games. Scores will be taken from each game and added to their total points after the evening.



  • Regular Custom Solos only!
  • All participants must leave their scoreboard on the screen after eliminated and take a screenshot of their end score after every round that shows their eliminations and placements.
  • All participants need to raise their hand until a TO or TA arrives to record their score.
  • All participants will be able to see their scores at halftime (15 minute break after three (3) rounds)
  • Custom lobbies will be configured by the TO and they will communicate the cloud rules.

Scoring breakdown:

  • Victory Royale: 10 Points
  • 2nd-5th: 7 Points
  • 6th-10th: 5 Points
  • Eliminations: 1 Points are earned for each elimination.

    Apex Legends:

  • Regular Squads!
  • All participants need to raise their hand until the TO arrives to record their score. If the score is not recorded by the TO it will not count.
  • Players must communicate to the TO before starting a new match.
  • All participants will be able to see their scores at halftime (15 minute break after three (3) rounds)

Scoring breakdown:

  • 1st Place: 12 Points
  • 2nd Place: 8 Points
  • 3rd Place: 5 Points
  • 4th-6th Place: 1 Point
  • Eliminations: 1 Point is earned for each elimination.

  • This includes but is not limited to any downloaded third party software, USB or flash drives being plugged in, deleting replays and not recording scores through a Tournament Admin (TA).
  • Players who are caught using a “smurf” aka “alternative account” will be disqualified
  • Players who are caught using any VOIP (Discord, Mumble, Teamspeak) etc. will be disqualified
  • Localhost will supply computers for players to use. All computers provided are as-is. While players may change minimal configuration settings to meet desired tastes (mouse sensitivity, monitor resolution, etc), any player found attempting to alter the system or hardware outside of user preferences (BIOS, CPU, GPU, Memory, Overclocking, Registry, Game Files etc.) is subject to disqualification without warning.
  • Players are responsible to immediately notify the TO/TA of any computer issues they experience.
  • No refunds will be issued for disqualified players.

Payment & Prize Pool:

  • $10 entry fee and a $10 event fee to go towards the prize pot.
  • Prize pot will depend on number of entrants so the more players the bigger the prize!
  • No refunds or exchanges

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