March 9th to March 11th
A Chicago LAN Party – 21 tournaments, one roof,
ran by Chicago’s best esports community leaders.
BYOC Seats
PC & Console Tournaments
Cash Prizes

CGC Will house one NSG Eastern Conference Championship events.

A 3 city premier amateur esport's circuit. Players who win this event get travel, hotel, and entry to the Championship in Washington D.C.

Event Information

CGC is a 3-day - 24 hours a day - competitive gaming convention with multiple platforms, communities, and players under one roof. Brought to you by Mad City and N3rd Street Gamers.

Casual BYOC tournaments, competitive BYOC tournaments, $10,000 CS:GO NON-BYOC tournament, $1,000 BYOC Rocket League Tournament, $5,000 Dragon Ball Fighter Z, competitive Console tournaments with pot bonuses, side tournaments, vendors, artists and a lot of great events to spectate.

Our goal is to bring all the community leaders in Chicago under one roof to showcase all of the great work and communities they have.

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21 Esport Tournaments

6 Flagship Tournaments

NSG Championship Circuit Event


Other Flagship Events

  • Mad City $10,000 CHI CS:GO Open (NON-BYOC)*
  • Mad City $1,000 2v2 CHI Rocket League Open
  • League of Legends – $500 Pot Bonus
  • Midwest Mayhem 11 – $1,000 Smash 4 Pot Bonus
  • National Arcadian – $1,000 Smash Melee Pot Bonus
  • Dragon Ball FighterZ $1,000 Pot Bonus
*NSG Championship Circuit Events

BYOC & Other Featured Tournaments

  • CS:GO Tournament (BYOC) – $500 pot
  • Overwatch 3v3 Tournament
  • Overwatch 6v6 Tournament
  • PUBG Duos & Squads
  • PUBG Solos – $250 Pot Bonus
  • Starcraft 2 – $500 Pot Bonus
  • Dota 2
  • Hearthstone – $250 Pot Bonus
  • Rocket League 1v1
  • Mad City $1,000 2v2 CHI Rocket League Open

Console Events

  • Smash 4 Singles – $1,000 Pot Bonus
  • Smash 4 Doubles
  • Melee Singles – $1,000 Pot Bonus
  • Melee Doubles
  • Dragon Ball FighterZ Singles – $1,000 Pot Bonus
  • Street Fighter V Singles – $250 Pot Bonus
  • Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite Singles – $250 Pot Bonus
  • Guilty Gear XRD Singles – $250 Pot Bonus
  • Tekken 7 Singles – $250 Pot Bonus
  • Brawlhalla Singles
  • Rivals of Aether Single
  • Pokken Singles

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  • 24/7 venue play all day
  • King, Doubles, 2 story suites & more.
  • Indoor & outdoor pools.
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For Three Days
  • Exclusive Cash & Free Entry BYOC Tournaments
  • Table Seat & Chair in LAN Area
  • 24/7 access to event space
  • Rocket League: Win travel / hotel / entry to $30,000 NSG Championship in Washington D.C.
  • Does not include entry to any cash entry PC tournaments
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Per Player
  • $10,000 Prizepot
  • 32 Teams
  • Win travel / hotel / entry to $30,000 NSG Championship in Washington D.C.

FGC and Smash


Venue Fee
  • 12 Fighting Game Tournaments
  • Smash 4 and Melee Run by E2C
  • $1,000 DBF Pot Bonus
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About The Organizers

Founded in 2014, N3RD STREET GAMERS has hosted over 20 gaming events, and paid out over $150,000 in Prizes to 2,000+ Participants.

Mad City is a team of creative and technical professionals that create event experiences and build tools to empower others to do the same. 

E2C, second-largest regional series in the US, Midwest Mayhem! We are the home of all things Chicago Smash 4.


The MidWestLAN team, led by Alex Scheurell, has hosted LAN events for over 13 years. We are proud that we continue to meet our goal of providing fantastic events for all types of gamers.


Overwatch Chicago runs both League and Tournament events. The League event is a month long Season, consisting of pre-made teams, promoting even teams on player roles and SR of the current season.