Amateurs Compete for Opportunity to Play Against Top Esports Talent in T1 x Nerd Street Gamers Valorant Qualifiers

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T1 and Nerd Street Gamers provide the rare experience for amateurs to compete with the pros

May 4, 2020 –Nerd Street Gamers and T1 Entertainment & Sports joined forces to host three days of Valorant tournaments – two qualifier tournaments leading up to an eight team, star-studded Invitational.

Two days of Open Qualifiers provided the rare opportunity for amateur teams across the U.S. to compete for their spot in an 8-team Invitational along with some of the biggest names in esports including 2019 Overwatch MVP Sinatraa, and former CS:GO professional player and influencer, Shroud.

Over 60 amateur teams signed up for their shot at a spot in the Invitational. Teams came from all over the U.S., and were primarily made up of CS:GO and Overwatch players.


The Day 1 Qualifier took place on Saturday, May 2nd. The event had a stacked list of teams with incredible talents from different scenes.

CS:GO teams prevailed in this event from MouseSpaz, Prospects, Samelol and Champs Are Here.

The stars aligned for team mSpaz. Following a first round BYE, mSpaz went out in the upper bracket in the first match against team Psalms on the second round.

mSpaz won out the lower bracket with eight best of ones in a row. They proceeded to head in to the Grand Finals down a map and won 2-0 against Prospects.

Drone was the star player of the event constantly averaging 25+ kills and producing many highlights throughout the rounds.

Tournament Bracket
Team & Player Stats


Day 2 of the Amateur Qualifier brought the final chance for amateur teams to earn their spot in the Invitational.

Several teams from the Day 1 were back at it again. Team Prospects, who fell in the Grand Finals after winning the Qualifier #1 upper bracket, came back with a vengeance and proceeded to win every match they competed in.

Team Prospects went 5-0 in uppers and 1-0 in the Grand Finals against samelol – a team that consistently places Top 3 at Nerd Street Gamers tournaments. Team Prospects proved to be unstoppable, with every team member contributing to their victories.

Team Prospects met through mutual friends, with some players previously competing in CS:GO MDL (Mountain Dew League). When asked why he wanted to compete in Valorant, Ryan Church, Captain of Team Prospects said that his favorite thing about Valorant is that the game is a new take on tactical first-person shooters.

“We wanted to attempt to do well in a couple tournaments, hoping that it can open doors for more opportunities in the future,” said Church. “We barely fell short on Saturday after winning out in the upper bracket, so we were glad to get another opportunity and earn a chance to beat the higher profile teams/players.”

Tournament Bracket
Team & Player Stats

Good luck to Team mouseSpaz and Team Prospects in the May 4 Invitational!

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