Localhost Lowdown: April 2019

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Every month, we give you the lowdown on some of the best events and tournaments coming to Localhost Arena in both Philly and Denver. From bootcamps to big prize pots, check out what’s happening this month.

Localhost Arena Philly

Big Things

The Cheese is back for its first NCS Minor tournament yet this month! On Saturday, April 20th, Localhost Philly will host Cheesadelphia 9, and it will be a return to Cheesadelphia roots. We’re inviting all you StarCraft II players down to compete for your share of the $2,500 prize pot. 

Go For Broke, the monthly FGC tournament, is on the schedule again for April, and so is our Overwatch Bootcamp. Our bootcamps are excellent chances to hone your skills while you learn tips and tricks from some of the best coaches around. This month, it’s JSR, Coach of the OW Contenders Team, Bermuda.  


You’ve come to love them, so we keep bringing them back — FGC Training Grounds and Smash City are definitely on the calendar for April. Both events will be going down on Wednesday, April 3rd, and then every other week after that so keep an eye on the Localhost Philly website and Lobby.gg for dates and registration details.


We meet a ton of talented players every time we have an FGC event, from our FGC Training Grounds to Go For Broke. So, we’re inviting all the Tekken players in the area down to hang out and play a few rounds on Friday, April 19th for Iron Phist.

Localhost Arena Denver

Big Things

Smashdown, the NCS Minor for Smash Ultimate, is circling back on April 27th. The last time we hosted Smashdown, we saw players pouring in from surrounding states for their shot at the prize pot. We expect an even bigger turnout from this amazing community for our second Smashdown happening at the end of this month.


Apex: Legends is taking off, and we’re riding that wave! If you haven’t had a chance to drop in that the hottest BR game out there, now is a perfect chance. There’s no better way to experience all Apex: Legends has to offer than by competing in-person at our arena. Localhost Denver has two NCS Academy | Apex: Legends tournaments in April, one on the 13th and one happening on the 27th.

On top of Apex, we’re bringing back the regulars. Every Friday in April, you’ll see tournaments for both Fortnite and Smash Ultimate. Check out Lobby.gg for recurring event details.



Fostering a strong and vibrant female community is very important to us, so on April 17th, we’re hosting another Ladies Night at Localhost Arena Denver. Between 6pm and 12am, all women are invited to play for free! 

Outside and Online

Beyond our Localhost Arenas, we also have a slew of events with our partner locations, UWatch in Boston, GEX in DC, and Esports Arena in Arlington, Texas. Check ‘em out!

Stay up-to-date on all event details by visiting Localhost.gg and Lobby.gg regularly.