Welcome Emmanuel Sanders to the NSG Team

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Photo Credit: Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

Pro Bowl Wide Receiver and Super Bowl Champion Emmanuel Sanders sees a little bit of what we see: a very bright future for the amateur esports community. 

More Big News From Colorado

Soon after we announced that we were opening the largest esports arena in the state of Colorado, we started talking with representatives for Emmanuel Sanders, wide receiver for the Denver Broncos. It turns out we have a lot in common, especially when it comes to providing amateur athletes with the best opportunities possible.

Starting this month, Sanders will act as a brand ambassador for us, which means making a few public appearances, some branded content, a few social media activations, and promoting on our behalf throughout 2019 and 2020.

And we couldn’t be more excited.

Even though our head office is on the east coast, we’re no stranger to the Rocky Mountain region. On December 7th of 2018, we opened the largest esports venue in the state, Localhost Arena. It’s an 18,000 sq ft arena that supports competitive and casual gamers alike. Sanders was even scheduled to speak at the opening, but due to an injury just a few days prior to the event, he instead decided to live-stream his supporting speech from home.

With Our Powers Combined…

Esports can be an expensive endeavor, with professional gaming setups often costing over $2,000. Our core mission is to provide an opportunity for more people to play and compete through our events and venues. Evidently, Sanders was impressed by our dedication to increasing access to resources and equipment.

Partly because it’s similar to what he does for The Emmanuel Sanders foundation, which focuses on supporting financially disadvantaged families with resources to improve their lives. This shared respect and devotion to the community is a driving factor behind why Sanders decided to partner with us.

“Every athlete needs an opportunity to develop, compete, and really hone the skills that will turn them into a professional,” Sanders is quoted as saying. “That’s what I love about N3rd Street Gamers. They’re giving so many players a chance to compete and grow. I’m really excited to be part of their success and growth.”

While Sanders acknowledges our philanthropic side, he’s also an avid gamer, himself. He’s currently streaming NBA 2k19 on Twitch as way to relax during the off season.

As part of his role as a brand ambassador for us, Sanders will really help get the word out about the esports industry to a larger community. We can’t wait to have him help us create new opportunities for traditional sports athletes and casual gamers.

Oh, and he’s going to make a couple of appearances at events this year. We’ll let you know when!

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