HUE Fest Recap

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On September 21st and September 22nd, the talented staff at N3rd Street Gamers traveled to Harrisburg University to set up and execute the Overwatch and League of Legends collegiate finals.

Here at NSG, we’re always finding ways to improve the events we organize. There are many that we direct and even more that we host at Localhost, but sometimes we’re invited to be tournament operators for events that don’t necessarily bear our name. We approach these with the same professionalism and enthusiasm as we do our own, and HUE Fest is a prime example.


Preparing for an event the size of HUE takes a lot of coordination. We always kick off events of this magnitude with an all-hands meeting where we prepare schedules and ensure all of our technology needs are met. Once we have all of our information prepared, it’s time to get rolling.



The Overwatch competition at HUE Fest was intense, to say the least. MaryvilleGG were off to a very strong start, and it looked like they were going to sweep their way to the finals. On the other side of the bracket, the hometown heroes, HU Storm, were taking maps left and right and eventually moved on to the finals where they faced the almost undefeated Maryville team. Although the Harrisburg University team fought hard, in the end it was MaryvilleGG who took home the trophy.

League of Legends


Harrisburg University also had a very strong showing with their League of Legends crew, which seemed appropriate since the Mayor of Harrisburg, Eric Papenfuse, is a big fan of the game and certainly enjoyed seeing his local team play so well. And play well they did, taking down contenders and making it all the way to the final. Yet it was somewhat bittersweet yet again for the Harrisburg players as the Columbia College Cougar Esports team walked away victorious.

That’s a Wrap

After two days of emotional upsets, excellent games, and stiff competition, it was time to pack up. Our efforts at HUE Fest were some of our most streamlined, with plans coming together and communication at an all time high (yeah, we got those walkie-talkies, btw). Working all day and into the night can take a physical toll, however, and we’re lucky we drove away healthy — well, mostly healthy.

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