ULT and NSG a Winning Combo

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ULT and N3rd Street Gamers are partnering to bring amateur esports to the next level! ULT and NSG’s partnership brings ULT’s lifestyle brand and Southern California production capabilities together with NSG’s network of esports competitive development opportunities to establish the southwest region’s amateur esports framework.

ULT is a lifestyle brand known for their high-end esports merchandise and best in class studio in Huntington Beach. ULT made significant waves last year when they secured national retail distribution at Zumiez, a speciality clothing stores that caters to action sports, streetwear and now the emerging gaming and esports category as a strategic product leader. Retail distribution for ULT brand has since grown to now include FYE doors across the US and additional Zumiez retail doors in Canada as well.

ULT brings their strengths and expertise to N3rd Street Gamers at a time of rapid expansion and growth for us. ULT will be helping us to redesign our current line of merchandise, and help push N3rd Street apparel through their own extensive distribution lines. ULT will also allow N3rd Street Gamers to upgrade our event experience with their world class esports temple in Huntington Beach, California. ULT’s parent company Ultimate Media Ventures’ experienced production staff and tournament organizers will also be producing N3rd Street Gamers’ southwest regional events. Finally UMV’s team will work closely with N3rd Street Gamers to further enhance the tournament experience at all upcoming N3rd Street Gamers events for both players and spectators!

N3rd Street Gamers in turn will be providing regional distrib for ULT’s merchandise at N3rd Street Gamer gamer events, and at LocalHost Arena’s. N3rd Street Gamers will additionally provide computers and equipment to produce ongoing amatuer esports events in the southwest region. This partnership will also allow the NSG Academy tournament series to make their debut on the west coast, allowing even more up and coming players to take part in the NSG Championship, furthering our goal of making esports even more open and accessible to everyone! N3rd Street Gamers will be supplying technical expertise to UMV in the form of our tournament management software, which will help them to level up their own tournament experience.

The partnership will launch in July with a series of bootcamp events featuring: Counterstrike: GO, FGC titles, and Fortnite! We’re very excited about this partnership, and we can’t wait to show off what we can accomplish with our combined talent, infrastructure, and vision!